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8 Ways to Make Your Front Door More Secure

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In this month’s article with Eastern Garage Doors, we will be advising homeowners on how to appropriately secure their front door. By taking steps to ensure your home is safe, you could help reduce the crime rate in your area. We’re here to help you feel safe, and give you tips on how to provide your home with effective security measures.

Our company is based in Norfolk and in previous years the area has had somewhat high burglary rates. However, with more people securing their homes, the area has witnessed a steady decline in crime. No one should have to be a victim of crime and so it’s important to put precautions in place to help reduce burglaries or possibly eliminating them altogether. Our aim is to make top security common knowledge, to ensure other locations like ours benefit as a community and individually. Feel safe and live in a community where everyone thrives from low crime rates and make your area a desirable place to live – simply by making your homes locked and secure!

Have The Right Door 

Having a hollow door could be a huge problem for your home. Burglars can easily kick down a hollow door, not to mention if a storm were to occur whilst you’re away and your door is affected, this is a welcome sign for intruders. All exterior doors on your home should be made of a solid reinforced material. Make a choice between fiberglass and solid wood/core; metal is commonly used in industries.

Exterior Doors With Windows Should Be Replaced With Windowless Doors

It may not seem obvious, but whilst windows on exterior doors can be pleasing to the eye and allow lots of light into the room, they can make easy access for break ins. Burglars simply smash the window and unlock the door from the other side. For utmost security in high crime areas you may want replace your door’s windows with something solid.

Use The Locks On Your Doors 

The majority of external doors should be secured with a deadbolt lock built into the door handle. Ensure it’s of a high quality, either grade one or two will do the job.

Peep Holes 

peep hole

Give you the privacy you need in your own home. These viewers are great for everyone, especially the elderly. They give you upper hand to decide whether or not you want to admit visitors – not to mention it gives you time to call the police if you’re worried by anything going on outside your door.


Do not expose them, have them on the inside of the door. The hinges should either be kept together with 3 inch screws or non-removable pins.

Cylinder Guards 

Prevent your lock being wrenched off. It is not unknown for burglars to remove lock cylinders; to avoid this, you can use cylinder guards that’ll protect your lock. Most locks will already have this, but if yours doesn’t you may want to install one.

Sliding Doors 

Fix keyed locks at both the top and bottom of your door, you can also have them reinforced with polycarbonate panels.

Extra Tips


  • Use cameras – you never know, you may catch your burglars before they spring into action. They could be lingering around to scope out their next house. Also, CCTV can catch them in the act meaning that if you do unfortunately get burgled, then the footage might help to track them down and you might get your belongings back.
  • Do not leave keys in an unlocked garage or under mats – this has to be the oldest trick in the book, we’ve all done it at one point and it’s quite possibly the first thing a burglar will check. Don’t leave keys around – when there’s little risk involved, burglars will be more likely to take the chance so ensure you prevent easy access.
  • Talk to experts – get an honest, professional locksmith’s opinion and feel safe in your own home.

No one wants to be burgled or live in a high crime area, so do yourself a favour and see to it that your front door is fully secure! Reducing the crime in your town could make for a more affluent area.


Eastern Garage Doors work across Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, East of England and  North London areas. Our experienced team always provide exemplary installation of an extremely high quality, and ensure our customers receive a flawless service. If you’re worried about the security of your front doors and are on the lookout for replacements, get in contact with friendly member of our Eastern Garage Doors team; we will provide you with a secure, stress-free door.

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