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Transform Your Car Oasis: Broaden Your Garage Door Access

For individuals passionate about cars, the garage serves as more than just a parking spot; it becomes a sanctuary to safely house and proudly display cherished possessions. As your collection

Can Garage Doors Save Energy?

An often-overlooked option for saving energy, certain types of garage door have over years of development by manufacturers evolved into an effective insulator for homes with integral garages. This article

Faux or Smooth? A Guide to Garage Door Finishes

The benefits provided by high quality garage doors often go unnoticed by homeowners, simply because they are hidden beneath well manufactured surfaces. In this guide, Southern Doors explains the importance

How much is a garage door?

Although this is a logical question, to know ‘How much is a garage door?’ depends on quite a few points, such as size, finish, style, level of security and insulation,

What kind of garage door do I have?

It may seem simplistic to ask, ‘What kind of garage door do I have?’ But delve into the detail and the differences become much more definite. With a vast array

5 Tips to Keep Your Garage Door Secure and Thieves Out

One of the best ways to keep your home secure is through the use of high quality garage door security. Securing your garage door involves several factors: from choosing the

A Guide to Garage Door Maintenance in The Spring

With spring fast approaching, now is the perfect time to embark on some routine maintenance of your wooden garage doors. Garage door maintenance is often neglected but spending some time

Ideas For Converting Your Garage Into an Office or Gym

It is common for many places to have a garage that houses cars, tools or otherwise acts as a storage area. But your garage can be used for much more

How to keep your garage safe and secure this Christmas

  Unfortunately, Christmas is a time of increased break-ins as thieves go looking for presents to steal. Although most people take the correct precautions to protect their front and back

A Guide to Wooden Garage Doors

When you arrive at home or look out into your garden, your garage is probably one of the first things you see. So it’s important that it looks smart and

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