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Advanced Security Products Now Available

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience within door installations, it is a natural progression to move into residential and commercial security solutions. Eastern Garage Doors is therefore pleased to introduce our customers to the range of products offered by our sister company, Eastern Security Doors.

Residential and Commercial Security Doors

No one can ever put a price on peace of mind. Unfortunately, many burglaries will occur as a result of substandard security solutions. This is why a growing number of property owners are choosing to have a combination of more secure alternatives put in place. We offer a wide range of configurations based around your requirements. These include:

  • Roller shutters
  • Retractable grilles
  • Steel security doors
  • Retractable bollards

These are especially relevant for commercial locations, as such models are built to the highest of standards and designed to withstand forced entry. The mere presence will often act as an effective deterrent.

Bespoke Security Solutions

The term “one size fits all” should never apply to modern security doors. After all, the needs of two properties are never alike. Unlike some other firms, the team at Eastern Security Doors will configure designs around the bespoke requirements of each customer. It is possible to work-in additional elements such as windows, a built-in access panel and even colour customisation across products. All doors are fully compliant with all insurance and fire standards.

Protect Against the Elements

Intruders aren’t your only concern when protecting a property, mother nature can threaten the contents of a building. Unfortunately, traditional doors and windows can easily become damaged. This can lead to grave consequences in terms of repairs and replacing expensive contents. The good news is that our line of security doors will offer a weatherproof barrier against all of the elements.

Reliable and Transparent Guarantees

We are so confident in our line of security products that all doors are backed up by rock-solid warranties in terms of maintenance and repairs. These doors will not rust and in the rare event that an issue occurs, our on-site services will be provided in a timely fashion so that the safety of your property is never called into question.

Have you been looking for a bespoke line of security doors and grilles for your domestic or commercial property? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can schedule an initial consultation to find you the perfect solution.

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