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Average Garage and Garage Doors Sizes in the UK

Whether you are looking to replace your existing garage door, or fancy an upgrade, it can be helpful to know the average sizes of single and double garage doors here in the UK, along with the average size of the garages they are attached to. Take a look at our handy guide below to find out more about these average sizes, so you can maximise the potential of your garage space.

Average Single Garage Door Size

  • 7ft width x 7ft high

verage Single Garage Door with measurements

The above measurements for a single garage door are typical of a standard residence in the UK. It’s worth noting that some types of door require a sub frame to be fixed (e.g. up and over and side hinged garage doors) so this will need to be taken into account if you are having a new door fitted.   

Average Single Garage Size

  • 3m width x 6m depth

Average Single Garage size uk

An average single garage is perfect for parking your car, however it’s important to take into consideration your everyday schedule to ensure it caters to your basic routine. For example, if you’re living with someone who has a disability, you will need to consider the space you’ll have around you in a single garage, so that you can maneuver a wheelchair with ease.

Average Double Garage Door Size

  • 16ft wide x 7ft high

Average Double Garage Door size

These measurements allow enough room for two vehicles to be parked together alongside one another. If you find that the size of your vehicles means that there isn’t much room left to open and close the garage door, the most suitable option would be a roller door as it takes up the least amount of space during operation.

Average Double Garage Size

  • 6m width x 6m depth

Average Double Garage size uk

These measurements would easily fit two cars beside one another, so for a large family – an average double garage should offer enough space to cater to your needs. A double garage with one large single door offers homeowners seamless convenience. Should you need to pop out, you needn’t worry about awkwardly steering your way out of a narrow gap. It can all be done in one swift movement instead when you have a large enough garage.

Talk to an honest and dedicated team who can enhance and alter the size of your garage or raise the height of your double garage doors. You can then choose a brand new door that’ll not only look great but provide you with effortless accessibility that you’ve been needing.  


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