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Benefits of Converting Two Single Garage Doors Into A Double

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For this month’s article with Eastern Garage Doors, we will be covering the benefits of converting a garage with two single doors, to one with a double door. If you’ve recently purchased a new car that just won’t fit into your garage or you already spend too much time trying to park your car – it might be time you thought about making a change. You could widen your doors, extend your garage or have a conversion. Go on, it’s time to make things easier!

New Car

It happens, we buy cars and they’re either too long or too wide for our garages. Garage specialists, such as Eastern Garage Doors, can provide garage conversions and extension services, ensuring your vehicle has no problem fitting into your garage and eliminating any stress when parking.

Garage Conversions

It’s what everyone wants! Turn your garage into a bespoke gym or place of relaxation, maybe you could have that games room you’ve always wanted or a special space just for parties.garage door widening

Garage Extensions

Some of us need the extra room to ensure we can fit all of our treasured belongings into one safe space, ready to hand.

Stress-Free Parking

Give yourself the confidence to get in and out of the garage without scraping the car or knocking off a wing mirror. With a wider entrance you can manoeuvre the car into a better position that’ll suit you.

Saves on Expense

Installing one door is less expensive than installing two. You will find yourself having to do less repairs on one single door, and it goes without saying it’ll require less general maintenance than two.

Wheelchair Friendly

A double door gives you the ability to park first, then bring out a wheelchair. Ideal for making life that little bit easier and creates much less fuss, providing you the freedom to take your time. No one wants to get soaked in the rain whilst trying to park in a tight space. Also useful for elderly people, offering them more room will ensure they’re comfortable when getting in and out of a vehicle.

Appealing to Buyers

A large area for storage is a huge plus, everyone needs storage and a garage with one large door, is a benefit to all.

Increased Height

Use your storage to its full potential, it’s possible to add extra height to your doors, to guarantee all necessary belongings can be stored with ease. Ideal for keeping tall pieces of furniture, mounting bikes on walls and general room for possessions.

Increased Width

Knocking out a centre pillar will increase the light in your garage and make your garage feel spacious. Often useful for summer BBQs, lending a place not only to store your BBQ but a shelter when it gets darker.

Modern Remodel

Large single doors are becoming more popular because of the sleek finish and modern style. A single door gives a luxurious, stress-free feel and can make your life as easy as the push of a button on your automatic door.


Improve your entryway to your garage with a double door, that’ll bring natural light to the room, provide you with easier, more versatile storage and a modern fit-out. It’s easier than you probably think to convert two singles into one double. Even if you have a centre pillar, this is not an issue – building work can be provided to ensure you get that maximised space you’ve been looking for. If you still want more, why not take a look at what’s involved when you have an extension or conversion? Get the best out of your garage, don’t settle – simply get the solution you deserve by contacting the experts here at Eastern Garage Doors!

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