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How to keep your garage safe and secure this Christmas


Unfortunately, Christmas is a time of increased break-ins as thieves go looking for presents to steal. Although most people take the correct precautions to protect their front and back doors, garages are sometimes overlooked and present an easy way in. We’ve put together some of the steps you can take to keep your garage – and by extension, your home – safe and secure over Christmas.

Keep the remote hidden

If you have an electric door, keep the remote in a safe place. These doors are becoming more and more common in the UK, and it’s tempting to keep the remote in your car for convenience. However, this makes it easier for thieves steal it and gain access to your garage. It’s best to get into the habit of bringing your garage door opener into the house with you, then keeping it somewhere safe inside. If you absolutely have to leave it in your car, keep it in the glove box so it’s harder for thieves to access.

Cover up any windows

If there are windows that look into your garage, cover them up to avoid any potential thieves from getting a look at what’s stored inside. Garages with uncovered windows are more likely to be broken in to, and the risk is even greater if you have tools and other valuables kept in there.

Keep it shut

This might sound like the most obvious advice, but it’s pretty normal for people to leave their garage door open for long periods of time while they’re at home. Although you might be okay leaving it open and going back and forth from the garden while working on a DIY project, you never know who could be taking notice of the expensive tools and equipment that you keep in the garage. Keeping the door shut if you’re going to be round in the garden for a while is your best bet for extra security.

Keep the entry door locked

If your garage is attached to your house, the door between the two should be just as secure as your front and back doors. If any intruders do somehow make their way into your garage, you want to stop them from getting any further into your home with a securely locked door.

Use a secure door from Eastern Garage Doors

One of the most important factors in keeping your garage safe is a sturdy, secure garage door. You can find plenty of different doors in our range that includes options such as sectional, roller, remote-controlled and many more.

Every single one of these doors is secure as standard, but they can be tailored to your needs for further security, for example with the addition of automation.

Why not improve your home security as part of your garage winter maintenance? Get in touch with us today for a free garage door quote.

How to keep your garage safe and secure this Christmas

wooden up and over garage door

It doesn’t matter if your garage is attached to your home or whether it’s an entirely separate entity, it’s of the utmost importance that all possible security measures are undertaken in order to shield your belongings and the rest of your home. It’s vital that your garage is structurally sound, and your garage door is up to the task of operating as your first line of defence. Your current solution may appear adequate, but if the door is ten years or older, a thorough inspection is essential to access whether you need a new door or a repair.

These days, thieves are far savvier than ever before. And while you may think it difficult to break into a garage, these thieves can spot a vulnerability from a mile away, and doors which have not been professionally installed or those with dents and broken frames are prime targets for opportunistic thieves.

How Do Garage Doors Get Broken Into?

There are numerous ways in which a potential thief can gain access to your garage. Older garages are mostly targeted due to their obvious vulnerabilities. However, don’t make the mistake of assuming that new garage doors are completely exempt from break-in attempts (although they are way more secure) it’s still imperative to cover every possible angle.

Older doors normally have only one lock and thieves have been known to drill through them or cut them out altogether – fortunately, advances on newer doors means that this is far more difficult.

The gap where the top portion of the door meets the frame is also a common area of susceptibility. Newer doors are fitted with a bar which protects the area behind the gap, where a crowbar would be all that’s needed to operate the locking system to gain hassle, and noise-free entry.

Roller and sectional garage doors have more protection than most other types of door simply because of their design. One of the only ways to break into a garage with a roller or sectional door is to cut through it, which would obviously be hard-work and very noisy. This is why opportunists are unlikely to target these kinds of garages, so long as they are in good working condition.

Some criminals have been known to use power tools to cut through the panel with the promise of a pay-day on the other side. It is an extreme example, but they’ll always be someone looking to take advantage if you’ve let it be known what you there’s something particularly valuable within the garage.

Security Features

Ageing garage doors pose a severe security risk to your valuables and your home in general, which is why garage doors are now built with security at the forefront. At Eastern Garage Doors, we have been providing high-quality garage doors in various styles, colours and designs for many years now. We use only tested manufacturers, who have been making, testing and improving garage door security for decades.

Over the years, as methods of garage door break-ins have been reported, our garage doors have evolved significantly to stay in-step with emerging trends.

You’ll find the following security features on any new manual garage door purchased from a reputable dealer:

  • Two locks – one of each side of the door.
  • The ability to upgrade with two additional locks.
  • Strong bars which prevent the locks from being compromised from the outside.
  • A strong anti-snap primary lock, which prevents access even if drilled or snapped.

Automatic garage doors have exceedingly secure locking systems which are powered by the door’s motor, which continually keeps the door pushed down until it receives a signal from the remote to open.

Additional Security Measures

an image of a black garage door defender

Garage Door Defenders – For up-and-over garage doors, a garage door defender is an excellent way to provide substantial, durable and visible security. These are becoming more popular. However, they should be anchored into the ground securely for them to work effectively.

It prevents intruders by halting the outward swing of the door when someone tries to gain access, which means that, even if someone breaks the lock, the door will remain closed. Garage door defenders work in the same way as a steering lock on a vehicle.

When you buy a garage door defender, ensure it can be fixed effectively into the substrate outside the garage door – whether that be concrete, paving or tarmac.

The defender should be fitted just in front of the centre of the door. If you have a double garage door, you may need more than one defender.

Solid Timber Garage Doors – If you are concerned about increasing criminal activity in your area, or there’s an increase in steel garage doors being cut open, then a timber garage door may present the security upgrade you’re looking for.

Motion Lights & CCTV – Garages attached to the main home are the most prevalent, and can be seen on houses up and down the country. If this is the case, then security does need to be a priority as anyone that gains entry to your garage is literally only a door away from yourself, your family and your belongings.

Motion sensor lights and CCTV systems, are a very effective deterrent, particularly to opportunistic thieves and are ideal whether your garage is attached to your home or not.

Alarm Systems – Big advancements have been made with alarm systems over the past few years, and most new kits are wireless, so it’s ideal even if your garage is set a little way from the house. Dummy alarm boxes are commonplace in packs now, so you can affix these to your garage building, which essentially informs potential burglars that an alarm system secures the home.


In most cases, the best security solutions for home and garage will differ from person-to-person, as no two home are exactly alike. If you have any questions about security or any of our other products, then contact us today.

For a free, no obligation survey give us a call on 0800 048 0741, and our team will be happy to advise you on which security considerations would be right for your home and garage.

How Secure Are Your Garage Doors?


Don’t leave your garage defenceless. Many homeowners overlook the security of this area of their properties, leaving it vulnerable to would-be thieves. And with many garages housing valuable equipment such as lawnmowers, bikes and electricals, they can be very attractive to criminals. But just a few simple precautions can turn your garage into a safe and secure space to keep your most prized belongings. That’s why in this month’s article we will be focusing on top tips and advice for enhancing your garage security.

Use Your Common Sense

Sometimes we can overlook the simplest things that can bring about our downfall. For example, never leave your garage keys/remote in your car. Vehicles are easier to break into than most garages, and therefore leaving unlocking equipment in your car is not advisable. Another precaution that is sometimes forgotten is leaving the garage entry door into the home unlocked. If a thief does manage to enter your garage, don’t double your problems by granting them access to your home as well.

Invest in Some Basic Security Equipment

Sometimes just the presence of security equipment is enough to make thieves think twice about attempting a break-in. Motion sensor security lighting is great way to deter lawbreakers. It might even be worth installing an alarm system especially for the garage, or even a security camera if it’s within your budget.

Close The Garage Door Properly

This may seem like an obvious step, but everyone is guilty of missing things when they’re in a hurry. Unfortunately this blunder is an open invitation to burglars. To stop yourself from making this mistake, it might be worth installing some high-tech gear to help you out, such as an automatic door closer or a garage door monitor.

Keep Things Concealed

The contents of your garage will only be more attractive if they are on display. If your garage has windows, consider hanging sheer curtains or blinds to stop people from peeking in, but that still allow sunlight enter. You should also consider putting some tarpaulins over more expensive items, concealing them from prying eyes when you have your garage door raised.

Style Matters

While all garage doors can offer a good level of security if used properly, there are certain styles that provide that little bit more protection. Roller doors are well suited for automation devices which can enhance security. Sectional garage doors are also a good choice, as their strong design means they lack any decent penetration points for burglars to prise open the door.


If you’re searching for the perfect garage door for your property, look no further than Eastern Garage Doors. Providing extensive coverage across the East of England, our specialists provide, install, repair and service a huge range of garage doors in a variety of styles. For more information about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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