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Garage Door Trends Over Time: A Brief History

Garage doors have become an integral part of the modern home. While at one time considered to represent somewhat of a luxury, these fascinating devices are now seen within millions of properties throughout the United Kingdom. Not only can these doors address some of the most important classic car maintenance requirements, but they are also capable of adding a stylish touch to any home.

How have garage doors and their associated mechanisms changed over time? Let us take a quick look at why technology and innovation have both played important roles in order to appreciate the big picture.

Traditional Car Enthusiast Tips from the Very Beginning

The earliest garage doors were actually attached to separate structures known as “carriage houses”. Similar to barns and storage facilities, most carriage houses were equipped with doors that swung outwards. This was inconvenient due to the fact that they would require a great deal of space. Also, there were always chances that the vehicle could accidentally come in contact with the doors themselves.

Simple and Yet Powerful Solutions

It was not until 1921 that an upward-swinging mechanism was introduced to the general public. It did not take long before this model was often included within many car enthusiast tips, and for good reason. The most obvious advantage of this design was that it saved a great deal of space when compared to previous versions.

However, another issue presented itself. Some garage doors were extremely ornate and therefore, rather heavy. This made them very difficult to raise and lower. One solution which is still seen on occasion involved the introduction of sliding doors. It was much easier to open and close these models. The only issue was that the dimensions of the garage itself needed to be wider in order to accommodate the sliding mechanism. This would obviously be challenging for those who wished to undertake classic car maintenance within a limited amount of space.

The Introduction of the Electric Overhead Door

Garage doors equipped with electrical motors were first introduced in the first half of the 1970s. The main advantage here was that the doors no longer required manual labour to be opened and closed. Initially a luxury, the 1980s witnessed the mainstream introduction of remotely operated units, so the doors could be activated with the click of a button. These also reflected the fact that the cars themselves were changing over time. Just as vehicles began to use modern solutions, it only stood to reason that car enthusiast tips involved mechanised doors.

We now live in an era associated with composite doors, superior levels of insulation and even affordable, smart systems that are able to detect the presence of a vehicle as it enters the driveway. So, it is clear to see that we have come a long way in less than a century. This is why professional car enthusiast tips should always address the presence of a reliable garage door. If you would like to learn more about the services offered at Eastern Garage Doors, please contact us directly.

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