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My Garage Door Won’t Close – How Do I Fix It?

white garage door stuck half way

If your garage refuses to close, this could pose a risk to the security of your garage and all the valuable items contained within it, including your car. It’s security 101 to keep your garage door operating smoothly and without any hitches, so when a problem does arise, it’s important that you are able to identify it and know what your next steps are. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most common faults that hinder garage door closure, how to identify them, and what you should do to fix it.

Safety Eye Sensor

A common factor affecting closure is issues with the photo eye sensors that sit on both sides of the door, facing each other. They work by transmitting a beam between them, and if anything gets in the way of the beam, it will not allow the door to close, which is an essential safety feature normally, but can cause problems when triggered at inconvenient times. One sign of a fault is if the usually solid red lights on the sensors are blinking.

There are a few things that could be causing this, the most probable being that the eyes are misaligned. Move them around, if you can, to see if they realign. Another problem could simply be that the photo-eye lens is dirty, or that there’s debris blocking or obstructing the safety beam’s path. Both of these can be fixed by wiping down the photo eye lenses, or checking the floor for debris accumulation. If none of these techniques work, call out a professional, who may need to replace the sensors.

Garage Door Track

The garage door track itself may have become warped over time, due to changes in temperature causing the metal brackets to expand and contract. This warping may mean that the door might not fit in the tracks properly. In this case, the track or might need to be replaced by a professional.

Springs, Hinges & Cables

image of a broken garage door spring

Cables or springs in the door may have become frayed or worn, and will possibly need replacing. These issues can potentially be identified by yourself, by looking. These repair jobs can potentially be dangerous, so it may be best to called out a trained professional.

Another possible issue may lie with the the limit switch; it’s the job of this feature to control the travel of the door, so if there is a defect with this component, then this could cause the door to only shut part way. Adjusting or resetting the limit switch could fix this.

If the door is making strange noises as well as getting stuck when shutting, then it might not be lubricated properly, causing the joints and hinges to stick. Purchase some lubricator to rectify the problem.

Electrical Components

If you have an electric garage door, check all wires in all electrical components of the doors to see if any wires have become loose or damaged.

Wonky Garage Door

Your garage door might not be level and parallel with the ground. Run this simple test to find out; lower the door a few inches from the ground and put something below it to hold it there. Assess if the bottom of the door is parallel with the floor. A garage door that is not level can cause issues, and needs to be corrected immediately through professional means.

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