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Garage Security: Top Tips & Advice


Don’t leave your garage defenceless. Many homeowners overlook the security of this area of their properties, leaving it vulnerable to would-be thieves. And with many garages housing valuable equipment such as lawnmowers, bikes and electricals, they can be very attractive to criminals. But just a few simple precautions can turn your garage into a safe and secure space to keep your most prized belongings. That’s why in this month’s article we will be focusing on top tips and advice for enhancing your garage security.

Use Your Common Sense

Sometimes we can overlook the simplest things that can bring about our downfall. For example, never leave your garage keys/remote in your car. Vehicles are easier to break into than most garages, and therefore leaving unlocking equipment in your car is not advisable. Another precaution that is sometimes forgotten is leaving the garage entry door into the home unlocked. If a thief does manage to enter your garage, don’t double your problems by granting them access to your home as well.

Invest in Some Basic Security Equipment

Sometimes just the presence of security equipment is enough to make thieves think twice about attempting a break-in. Motion sensor security lighting is great way to deter lawbreakers. It might even be worth installing an alarm system especially for the garage, or even a security camera if it’s within your budget.

Close The Garage Door Properly

This may seem like an obvious step, but everyone is guilty of missing things when they’re in a hurry. Unfortunately this blunder is an open invitation to burglars. To stop yourself from making this mistake, it might be worth installing some high-tech gear to help you out, such as an automatic door closer or a garage door monitor.

Keep Things Concealed

The contents of your garage will only be more attractive if they are on display. If your garage has windows, consider hanging sheer curtains or blinds to stop people from peeking in, but that still allow sunlight enter. You should also consider putting some tarpaulins over more expensive items, concealing them from prying eyes when you have your garage door raised.

Style Matters

While all garage doors can offer a good level of security if used properly, there are certain styles that provide that little bit more protection. Roller doors are well suited for automation devices which can enhance security. Sectional garage doors are also a good choice, as their strong design means they lack any decent penetration points for burglars to prise open the door.


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