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Protect your car from rusting with these simple tips

To some, a car is one of the most valuable and important assets that you will ever own. Thanks to modern technology, we can expect the average vehicle to last a decade or longer if it is cared for properly. While car maintenance tips, such as being sure to change the oil on a regular basis and replacing spark plugs are known by the majority of drivers, not all pay attention to the threats posed by rust.

In order to better appreciate the options at your disposal, it is first a good idea to look at some serious issues related to this type of oxidation. We will then examine some valuable car enthusiast tips that will help to keep your vehicle in top working order.

What are the Dangers of Rust?

One of the main issues with rust involves its rather insidious nature. In other words, its presence is normally only discovered once the damage has already been done. Rust is commonly seen around wheel rims, door handles and where two side panels meet. However, it is also found on the undercarriage of a vehicle. If not addressed, rust can cause certain parts (such as the exhaust) to become detached and in severe cases, it may even eat directly through the floor itself. This is why an ounce of prevention will go a long way. What are a handful of classic car maintenance methods that can help to stop rust in its tracks?

Car Enthusiast Tips to Properly Deal with Rust

Proactive maintenance is arguably one of the most important points. It is much easier to deal with small areas of rust before they evolve into more profound and costly issues, this is why it is best to keep your vehicle inside of a secure garage to avoid the outdoor elements. Still, be sure to check the undercarriage on a monthly basis; even more frequently during the winter, as road salt can increase the rate of corrosion.

Frequent cleaning – Another professional suggestion involves how frequently the car should be washed. Most experts agree that it should be fully scrubbed down every few weeks with soap and water in order to remove any chemicals that might lead to corrosion over time. You can even choose to mix a bit of baking soda into the detergent, as this can help to neutralise any acids that may be present.

An insulated garage door – One measure that doesn’t always get adequate recognition is ensuring your garage door is insulated and draught sealed. Taking this extra step to secure your garage will make all the difference to the preservation of your prized-possession.

Engine care – Car enthusiast tips will likewise involve steps to take in regards to the engine. Let’s never forget that rust around belts and hoses can easily cause a mechanical failure and subsequent repairs. Check to ensure that no oxidation is present. Should some be found, use the appropriate cleaning solution or employ a wire brush to remove it from the surface. Be sure to check in and around the engine on a regular basis.

While there is no doubt that keeping your car within a secure garage will help to prevent rust, we need to recognise the one of the most powerful car enthusiast tips involves adopting a proactive approach.

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