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Simple Maintenance Advice for Your Wooden Garage Door

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Wooden garage doors really are aesthetically pleasing, and here at Eastern Garage Doors we’re happy to advise you on the best ways to maintain them, as it is relatively simple. Like everything doors must also be maintained, and this month we’re here to share our top tips to ensure your wooden doors stay looking great for longer.

Keep Your Door Clean

Using a cloth with hot water and soap will do the trick on both the front and back of your wooden garage door. This will remove any dust or dirt that can make the wood look dull and worn, spruce it up with a quick wipe down. By cleaning your door, re-staining the wood will become a less regular task.


Every other month you will want to check the mechanisms on the door, to ensure that they’re adequately oiled. You will know when your doors need oiling also because they will become stiff and usually make a screeching noise when you open or close them. It’s also important not to over-oil as this can attract the dirt and can affect the performance of the mechanisms.

Re-Sand & Refinish

Re-sanding only needs to be done every 3-5 years, this is a way to get your doors looking just like the first day that they were installed. Enhance its beauty once again, specifically after harsh seasons of beaming sun to heavy snow.

Repaint or Re-Stain

Before doing this job, it requires doing all of the above first to ensure you have a smooth finish.

Repainting or re-staining your wooden garage door will keep it looking fabulous and will shield it from damage. There is nothing wrong with doing this regularly, however if you clean it on a regular basis, this process need not be a scheduled task. Repainting or re-staining can be done every year, or every 2-3 years.

  • When you do repaint your wooden garage doors you will want to remove any dust, dirt or peeling paint
  • Apply a wood filler to any cracks or blemishes and leave to dry
  • Sand down the door
  • You will then want to degrease the door with a special cleaning spray and touch up areas of mildew, with a mildew cleaning solution
  • Raise the door and let it dry
  • Use masking tape to cover handles, walls surrounding the door, windows etc…
  • Apply wood primer to the whole of the door and allow to dry
  • Apply the paint and overlap the strokes for an even finish
    (You may want to apply a few light coats for the best coverage.)

Maintain Regularly

Keep the longer tasks to a minimum when you maintain your wooden garage door regularly. If you see any mildew starting to grow, give it a quick spray and a wipe. If you see that there’s dirt lingering around the mechanisms wipe this away too, and reapply the oil. Check all parts of the door to see that they’re in full working order.

Should your garage door not open or close, or tracking alignment/mechanisms aren’t quite right or you notice extensive repairs that you need help with, then consult a professional.


At Eastern Garage Doors our highly skilled and extensively experienced team are there to provide a friendly and honest service to each and every customer. Which is why we offer no obligation surveys and 10 year quality guarantee on all door surfaces.

If you’re worried about the maintenance of your garage doors or have come across heavy wear and tear – find your local EGD team and an expert will be right with you. Also if you wish to book any other services such as installation, please don’t hesitate, get in touch today!

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