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5 Tips to Keep Your Garage Door Secure and Thieves Out

One of the best ways to keep your home secure is through the use of high quality garage door security. Securing your garage door involves several factors: from choosing the right kind of door to installing motion sensors and alarms. Therefore, here are five ways you can upgrade your security in order to keep thieves from gaining access.

Choose a Secure Garage Door

The first factor you should consider when improving your garage door security is the garage door itself. Is it made from a material that is strong and resilient, like steel or insulated aluminium? You should also check the quality of your locks. If feasible, a remote-controlled locking system may give you a higher level of security than before. By securing your garage door you are removing one of the most obvious points of entry for any would-be thieves.

Add Motion Sensor Lighting

To further increase your garage door security you should consider setting up motion sensor lights outside your home. Once the motion sensor detects movement the system will flood the area with light. This should deter potential thieves by removing their cover of darkness. Infrared sensors are the most common form of motion detector, but there are others such as photoelectric and microwave. Explore your options and choose the one that best suits your home.

Install An Alarm

Should motion sensor lighting fail to deter thieves, then having an effective alarm system in place is the next step in garage door security. Your alarm system should cover every entry point in the home, including the garage door. The most viable alarm systems are those that allow you to monitor your property and send alerts to your mobile devices should an incident arise.

Use Garage Shield

To further strengthen your garage door security installing a garage shield is highly recommended. Many thieves can enter through your garage door by simply wedging the top panel open and using a tool such as a coat hanger to pull the emergency release cord within. A garage shield is a small device made from recycled plastic that encloses the garage’s opening mechanism, preventing thieves from reaching the release cord.

Secure Your Front Door

While focusing on garage door security is important, do not forget to check the security of your front door as well. Just as with the garage door, check the strength and resilience of your front door as well as how effective the locking mechanism is. You may be able to upgrade both front and garage doors at the same time, with designs that complement each other in both looks and overall security.

How Eastern Garage Doors Can Help

At Eastern Garage Doors we offer a wide selection of secure and bespoke garage doors to clients throughout the local area. Whether you are looking for a new garage door that will upgrade the security of your home or a selection of external front doors we can provide exactly what you need for your home. To find out more or ask for a free no-obligation quote contact us online or via phone today.

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