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Transform Your Car Oasis: Broaden Your Garage Door Access

For individuals passionate about cars, the garage serves as more than just a parking spot; it becomes a sanctuary to safely house and proudly display cherished possessions. As your collection expands or you venture into custom projects, the constraints of space become apparent. One solution to this challenge involves widening your garage door entrance. Southern Doors explores the advantages of this approach and emphasises the crucial role played by lintels in this process, particularly when converting two separate single garages into one unified space.

Why Should You Consider This?

Accommodating Valuable and Larger Vehicles:

Safely parking expensive performance cars, reviving classic automobiles to their former glory and the rise of larger SUVs and specialised vehicles have made navigating tight openings with a central pillar a significant hindrance. Eliminating this obstacle enables you to effortlessly park and access your garage, eliminating the fear of accidental damage or scratches. It instils the confidence to enter and exit the garage without scraping the car or brushing a side mirror. With a more accessible entrance, you can adeptly manoeuvre the vehicle into a more suitable position.

Facilitating Car Modifications:

Enhancing your vehicle’s performance and aesthetics becomes seamless with ample garage space dedicated to this purpose. This allows you to work on your car comfortably and design a space tailored to your requirements. Moreover, professional garage fitting services can assist in optimising the additional room by enhancing the practicality of tools and the workspace.

Enhancing Accessibility:

Expanding the entrance space also enhances accessibility for individuals with mobility constraints. Garage door specialists can provide specially adapted, zero-rated VAT garage door solutions for disabled individuals, subject to eligibility. Adding a double door can, in certain cases, render your garage more wheelchair-friendly. No one wants to get drenched in the rain while attempting to park in a confined area.

Cost-effective Maintenance:

Maintaining a single door is more cost-effective than maintaining two. You’ll notice fewer repairs needed for a single door, not to mention reduced overall maintenance compared to managing two doors.

The Role of the Garage Door Lintel

Having highlighted the benefits of widened garage access, let’s delve into the significance of lintels in this process:

Providing Structural Support:

Broadening the garage door access involves cutting into the existing wall or removing a central pillar to create a larger opening. This modification can compromise the wall’s structural integrity, necessitating additional support. Lintels are employed to span the expanded opening, ensuring proper distribution and support of the load from the wall above.

Managing Load-bearing Capacity:

Lintels come in various materials, such as steel, reinforced concrete, and engineered wood, each with distinct load-bearing capabilities. Expert surveyors meticulously select the appropriate lintel based on the garage door’s dimensions and the load it must bear, effectively preventing potential structural issues.

Ensuring Even Weight Distribution:

A properly installed lintel guarantees the uniform distribution of the extra load imposed by the larger garage door along the lintel’s length. This guarantees the smooth and safe operation of any new installation.

Professional Installation and Lintel Selection:

Lintel installation is a technical process that demands the expertise of seasoned professionals. Hence, it’s crucial to consult a reputable garage door specialist who can evaluate your garage’s current structure and recommend the suitable lintel type and size for your project. They possess the skills and tools to precisely cut the brickwork, install the lintel, and ensure optimal performance and safety.


Expanding entry/exit space presents an excellent opportunity to enhance the garage’s versatility and functionality. Keep in mind that such modifications necessitate meticulous planning and professional execution. The significance of lintels cannot be overstated. They not only distribute the load of the wall above the opening but also prevent potential wall damage and ensure the garage door operates smoothly. Whether your aspiration involves parking a larger SUV, a custom-built automotive masterpiece, or addressing mobility limitations, consider the potential benefits of creating more space in your garage. Invest in expert guidance and quality materials to establish a secure and usable area where you can continue nurturing your passion for cars or simply resolve the long-standing issue of challenging access.

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