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Why Should I Automate My Existing Garage Door?

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Most manual garage doors are cumbersome to open and close, and sometimes when we’re struggling to lift our garage door, battling the wind and rain, the idea of sitting in our car and simply pressing a button to achieve the same result can seem very appealing. Automated garage doors can offer convenience to homeowners, as well as enhancing security and safety. However, you don’t always have to install a brand new door to accomplish this; many types of garage door can be upgraded by automation, meaning you can minimise hassle by adapting your existing door.

But what are the benefits of automating? And how is it achieved?

Why Should I Automate My Existing Garage Door?

  • It allows you to make use of your current door without having to install a new one.
  • UK weather is renowned for being fickle, and when the wind, rain and snow are raging outside, leaving the warmth of your car to open the garage can be an unwelcome prospect. Automation allows you to stay seated and comfortable while your garage opens with the click of a button.
  • For elderly people or those with disabilities, opening and shutting heavy garage doors can be a challenge that automation can eliminate.
  • When opening manually, if the movement is not completed correctly, with the door not being opened at the centre, this can throw the door off balance and lead to eventual expensive repairs. However, if the movement is automatic then this ensures that the door opens in a smooth, centered motion that preserves the performance of the door for as long as possible.
  • Automation may also improve security, as forced entry is more difficult to achieve with non-manual garage doors.

What Types Of Garage Door Can Be Automated?

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Many types of door can be automated with a couple of exceptions. If your door is too badly damaged or warped, they might not work effectively with an electric motor, and repair or replacement should be considered instead. In addition, if your door possesses an especially odd spring and gear arrangement, then this could hinder automation.

Retractable Up and Over: This type is the easiest to automate, and is also fairly cost effective. A boom is simply installed above the structural opening, and an electrical motor is installed at the other end. Sectional garage doors can also be automated in a similar manner.

Canopy Up and Over: This style of up and over do not adapt as well to an electrical opening system. Instead, these doors may require a bow arm conversion kit, which is fitted against a door and is able to slide, giving the door the ability to fully open and shut.

Side Hinged Garage Doors: Almost all doors of this style can be automated, usually through one of two methods. 1) Swing arm kits, which work by installing two pivotable arms to each side of the door and the boom. 2) Electromechanical system, which consists of a series of mechanical components used to open the doors.

Roller Doors: Most roller doors can be automated, but demand some reconstruction and dismantling of the existing garage to achieve this.


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